Laura's 6-Day Fabulous Sensory Reset

6 Days to more peace of mind by raising your Essences of Presence, Awareness and Pleasure. Effortlessly.

I don't know about you (well, I do know a little bit because I get a lot of emails every day) but as the weeks pass I am feeling more and more need for a sense of Vitality.

Recently, I have become both fascinated and enchanted with the work and words of Joan Erickson.

Her work resonates so much with me because she speaks a lot about Essences and this is something that is an integral part of my life and my own work as well.

The one piece that I have loved learning and deepening as I study her way of living is her strong, strong emphasis on our connection with our senses.


Let's do it!!!
⭐️ She says: “The essence of a life well digested comes from knowing your strengths, overdosing on the senses and remaining active and playful.”

The senses. Our senses.


Through these 5 senses (and I will add a 6th one for our Reset), we experience life from birth to death. They help us create the colors of our tapestry, they give us pleasure, awareness, connection, and really remind us how ALIVE we are.

When we amp up our relationship with them, we also raise our state of presence. Doing so, I believe, allows us to experience more mindfulness, which in turn, is a bridge to more peace of mind. Which most of us could use an extra helping of, right now.

⭐️ For this reason, I have decided to take a little time and create a special experience for you.

It will take just a few minutes of your day for only 6 days, and I believe, raise your current enjoyment of every day by several notches.

I think you are really going to like it

How does it work?

Super simple.

1) Every day for six days, you will receive an invitation/prompt from me. You will receive as an email (be sure to check your spam folder) and also it will be released daily for you right here, in HappyU school.

2) Allow the prompts to gently be with you throughout your day. Gently being the important word, here. This requires to efforting, pushing, trying. Let me guide you and I know you will get there.

3) At the end of the Reset, I will send you beautiful PDF I have created, which will allow you to revisit the Reset easily, any time you want. And of course, you will also have access to the curriculum right here for as long as you want, to reconnect with your ALIVENESS.


Being actually there for the moments of our lives. All the way. Engaged. Present.


FEELING. In our body and in our minds and hearts.


Pleasure from our eyes, ears, noses, fingers, mouth and connection to ourselves.

"Thank you for this opportunity to make me make time for me to learn and utilize my senses. I feel more at peace and empowered."

"Thanks for this marvelous journey Laura, especially now during these uncertain times with so much yammering from outside my peaceful space. Reminding me to connect there, to the senses, and to listen to what is true for me!!!! What a joy it has been."

"Thank you, Laura❣️ This has been a wonderful experience and I notice that I am more aware of all of my senses every day. Intuition and journaling are challenging for me, but I really want to be more consciously tuned in to my guidance, so I will play with it. Yes❣️

"Thank you Laura, for another wonderful journey."

"This series of anchoring exercises brought a calmer state of being in the world during the current upheaval. I am reminded at a visceral level that I can let go of some chaos to allow more joy and conscious pleasure of the moments throughout the day."

Your Instructor

Laura Lavigne
Laura Lavigne

Laura Lavigne was born and raised in France and as such, knows a whole lot about Joie de Vivre.

In her years in the United States she has done many adventurous things including becoming a makeup artist to the stars and creating her own award winning French Bakery (without knowing how to bake)

As a happiness coach, she has been raising her clients' happiness quota since 2003, and has been leading international Essential Happiness Retreats since 2013. She is a TEDx speaker, tribe builder, joy sharer, teacher, and author and forever learner and sharer of living magically.

Director of The Center for Happiness as well as the creator of the international Happiness Sprinkling Project, Laura believes fully in the power of Joy and loves reminding people that life does not have to be hard - and that it can be deliciously sweet.

Laura has shared her work with the U.S. Navy, CEOs, parents, entrepreneurs, educators, retirees, artists, teenagers, medical staffs, and second graders.

When she is not traveling, Laura lives on a beautiful Pacific Northwest Island as well as in Mexico. You are invited to join her on one of her other HappyU courses - or go spend a few days with her at one of her life-changing Essential Happiness Retreats.

Course Curriculum

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